Testing & Quality

An important department of mdm® NT is the Control and Quality and the R&D Department.

Our knowledge and many years of experience with innovative technologies are complemented by a state-of-the-art quality control system that constantly monitors every product batch leaving our production facilities 24/7 with the qualified staff and advanced lab and machine facilities.

It is a combination of years of experience and a modern and continuous inspection process that allows mdm® NT to offer its business partners the highest quality of products and services, and satisfactory cooperation.

Equipment of our lab includes:

  • Instron strength machines to test the strength of membranes, nonwovens and adhesive joint strength
  • LSW - water tightness and penetration resistance test
  • GraviTest allows to determine the level of water vapor permeability
  • The combustion chamber assesses the behavior of materials under fire exposure
  • Aging compartments that simulate condensation, UV and rain cycles to estimate the durability of our products under assumed weather conditions.
  • Climate chamber examining the properties of products during exposure to elevated temperatures and humidity
  • Plastometer indicating the melt index of thermoplastics (MFI)
  • Muffle furnace for calcining a constant mass of the tested products
  • Ring type - Glue melting point ball

Certification and testing

Whether it's a one-time test or if you want to run a series of tests on different product variants, our team is ready to work with you.

Backed by a wealth of technical expertise and experience, our team conducts a series of tests across a range of products, contributing to the development of our customers' products.

What we offer

With the science, experience, knowledge and innovation, mdm®NT enables its customers in almost every industry to meet current and future needs.

  • Production of films according to the customer's recipe
  • Development of new ready-made products: idea, selection of active components, development, final tests
  • Realizing customer ideas by employing them in our lab
  • Production based on materials that have been developed and tested

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