Plastic processing with injection

About the Technology

This plastic molding technique consists in injecting into a mold a plasticized granulate that solidifies and forms a molded body. This is a cyclical process.

Molds/fittings manufactured on our injection line are UV-resistant, resistant to weather, temperature and aging.


Industries that often use this technology

  • automotive,
  • aviation
  • construction
  • audio/video devices and household appliances



Technology used in serial and high volume production.
Manufacturing of even the most complex products within one process

  • Low (or lack of) share of finishing
  • High quality and repeatability of properties and dimensions
  • Possibility of full automation, computer control and process control
  • Less direct energy consumption and water
  • Low labor intensity
  • Low emissions of harmful compounds to the environment


Examples of use

  • Plastic decorations
  • Packaging
  • Electronic components
  • Elements in the automotive industry
  • Roof accessories

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