BLOWN plastic extrusion

About the Technology

TPU film is produced in the blow molding process and consists of 5 layers, each of which can have different properties and perform other functions. mdm®NT has the technology and know-how to create unique recipes and functions and thus produce films with properties that are not available on the market yet.

The advantage of the polyurethane membrane is its high elasticity, stretchability and tear and puncture resistance, and high UV resistance. Exposure to sunlight does not cause yellowing of the TPU film. The surface covered by the product does not change the color and is nice to the touch - a softtouch effect.

Mdm®NT has developed a special TPU-DAXALL monolithic film recipe which, thanks to its properties, can be successfully used in a wide range of products in, inter alia, industry, construction, health care or military applications.


  • Roof membranes
  • hot air activated emblems
  • Protective clothing
  • Protective wear
  • Military uniforms
  • Conveyor belts
  • Textile laminates
  • Dust bags
  • Waterproof primers
  • Gas masks
  • Vacuum containers
  • Geomembranes
  • Protective films
  • Protective film and foil for electronics
  • Waste water containers
  • Containers for organic waste
  • Disposable permeable clothes

Blown Technology

PU film is produced in the blow molding process and it consists of 5 layers – each of these layers may have different properties and realize various functions.

mdm®NT has the technology and experience that allow the creation of unique recipes and functionalities and therefore we can manufacture films with properties previously unavailable in the market.

The advantage of a polyurethane membrane is its high flexibility and extensibility, as well as mechanical resistance to tearing and puncture.

Our company has developed a special recipe of TPU – DAXALL monolithic film, which is used in many products.

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