The history of spunbond nonwovens dates back to the 70's. Since then, we have been experiencing a dynamic development of technology that allows us to achieve high productivity while maintaining a very short cycle of production from raw material as granules to finished products as nonwoven rolls.

Another less commonly used name for spunbond nonwovens is the nonwoven, which very well characterizes the most important characteristics of their production. Unique production technology enabled to eliminate the time consuming process of weaving fibers, which greatly reduced the production time by maintaining the properties of the non-woven similar to the fabrics. Our production process is also cheaper than the standard weave, which gives our customers significant savings in many areas where it has become indispensable to use classic fabrics.

The main goal and philosophy of our company, from the beginning of its existence, has been to meet the constantly growing and changing expectations of our demanding Clients. To meet these expectations, mdm®NT continuously monitors the market and regularly carries out new investments to develop our machinery and to provide our customers with the latest technology that guarantees superior quality at a competitive price.

The new spunbond production line introduced by us is part of our philosophy, and because environmental protection is equally important to us, we have included additional peripheral equipment in our investments to make our fabric production free of any waste.

Types & applications

Types of non-wovens fabrics

Depending on the raw material used, the nonwoven can be divided into two groups of products:

  • The first group is dedicated to hygienic applications, which due to the disposable use, require lightweight materials to maximize cost optimization.
  • The second group, designed for technical applications, is characterized by a higher surface density resulting in a much more durable product that provides higher tear and tear resistance.

Spunbond non-woven applications

mdm®NT non-woven products, in addition to hygienic applications (baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkins, protective aprons, disposable diapers, etc.), can also be used in many other manufacturing and construction industries such as:

  • production of mattresses, furniture, packaging and food bags
  • vegetable and fruit crops
  • in construction (insulation of walls and roofs)

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