mdm®NT takes care of the environment!

Protecting the environment has always been one of the main elements of mdm®NT's mission and vision, and we are constantly exploring ways to maximize the reuse of waste materials, while minimizing the amount of waste needed to process them.

The expansion of our production line with new peripherals aimed at the recycling of waste materials allowed us to reuse and recycle around 90% of the waste generated in the production process. Polyolefins (polypropylene - PP, polyethylene - PE).

Other waste, unsuitable for reuse, is always not allowed for disposal for our certified business partners.mdm®NT's waste management not only helps to protect the environment, but also reduces the costs of the production process and guarantees our customers high quality products at competitive prices.


Industries that most benefit from our services.

The offer is aimed at a wide range of manufacturing companies that use polypropylene and polyethylene in their production chain.


  • Natural environment preservation
  • Reduced cost of recycling waste
  • Reduced production costs
  • Improved productivity of the manufacturing process
  • Flexible cooperation agreements

Examples of use

  • Automotive companies
  • household appliances industry
  • toy industry

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