About the Technology

Ultrasonic welding of plastic parts consists in putting them into mechanical vibrations at a frequency of about 20 kHz. As a result, the contact surfaces of the bonded elements become heated to the plasticization temperature. At the same time the pressure applied to the bonding points causes the welding of the elements. The heat required to plasticize the material is released on the joint surface and inside the welded material by friction of the polymer particles put into mechanical vibration.


Ultrasonic is widely used in the automotive, engineering, construction, aviation, electrical, electronic, refrigeration, medical, power and many others industries.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • No toxic glue and solvent emissions
  • Short binding time
  • High performance
  • Convenient and clean binding method;
  • Bonded elements need no special preparation
  • Different materials can be joined
  • Very accurate feed of energy required for welding
  • No need for binders, screws or heat from external sources

Example uses

  • Welding of insulation for car interior door trim
  • Lamination of vapor-permeable and vapor barrier roof membranes
  • Welding and cutting shapes from multilayer synthetic fabrics to dust mask inserts and attaching them to the nose sealing clamp
  • Manufacture of protective and medical clothing
  • Welding of individual layers of vacuum cleaner bags

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