DAXALL – monolithic TPU film

In 2016, mdm® has implemented a world-wide production of TPU monolithic films in Blown technology. The TPU film produced on the Blown line is characterized by very good mechanical strength, fire resistance and UV resistance.

TPU film is produced in the blow molding process and consists of 5 layers, each of which can have different properties and perform other functions. mdm® has the technology and know-how to create unique recipes and functionality that makes it possible to produce mfilms with features that are not yet available on the market.

The advantage of the polyurethane membrane is its high elasticity, stretchability and mechanical strength (tear and puncture) and high UV resistance.

TPU film will not turn yellow. The surface covered by the product does not change its color and is nice to the touch - a softtouch effect.The monolithic

TPU film creates a barrier to the liquid and, while maintaining its vapor permeability, allows the covered surface to "breathe"!

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Research and Quality

Important departments in mdm®NT are Quality and Control department, as well as R&D department.

Our many years of experience, innovativeness and passion for what we do allow us to offer our business partners the highest quality products and services, as well as smooth cooperation. We perfectly combine our knowledge and many years of experience with the use of innovative technologies.

Product properties

  • vapor permeable
  • flexible within a wide temperature range
  • resistant to many aggressive substances
  • tight for air and many other gases (e.g. helium that fills the balloons)
  • watertight and allows for the penetration of water vapor ("breathes")
  • can be combined with glue methods and without glue, e.g. hot air
  • high abrasion resistance

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